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Cassidian Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinders

LRF Modules with State-of-the-Art Carl Zeiss Optics

Proven Technology Under a New Name

Cassidian acquired a majority stake in the defense and security division of Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH on October 1, 2012. Renamed Cassidian Optronics, this new company pairs the optical and optronic skills of Carl Zeiss with the abilities and reach of a global leader in security solutions.

For more than 120 years, they have developed and produced optical technologies and systems for customers worldwide. Their precision and reliability are prized in both military and civilian applications. Now, as part of the EADS division Cassidian, they are able to achieve the most important objective: To support the people whose mission is to protect the world.

Accurate Distance Measurements

The ability to accurately determine distances is equally vital to civilian and military identification and surveillance missions. Although each of Cassidian’s laser rangefinders has been calibrated for certain ranges and attuned for specific operational purposes, all are easy to operate and extremely precise.

Field-Proven Performance

Cassidian offers lasers for stationary targets that serve border patrol and customs agents well. They also bring considerable benefits to merchant marine and military forces. Fixtures in LEOPARD and ABRAMS main battle tanks for many years, their merits have been proven many times over in the field. Their maritime models, impervious to saltwater, are well-suited for deployment at sea.

Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinders

Cassidian rangefinders for moving targets operate at high repetition rates, which makes them exceptionally accurate measuring devices. Cassidian developed and continues to evolve these lasers principally for multi-sensor platforms and target tracking systems. They are suitable for land, water and aircraft. All their laser rangefinders meet a very important safety standard – they do no harm to the human eye.